CEG has built a financial system at home and abroad, combined with more than 20 financial institutions, explored diversified financial formats, innovated financial business and service models, introduced PE, VC, etc., and made flexible investment in high-quality enterprises inside and outside the park, and provided development needs. "Physical space"; by accelerating the construction of new financial channels, expanding domestic and foreign financial markets, and using capitalized financial means to build a platform for professional listing of enterprises.
Zhongtian Xincheng Financial Guarantee
CEG Xincheng Company is a professional guarantee company registered in 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 110 million. Companies adhere to the "integrity management, management risk, innovative business, sustainable development" business philosophy, based in Guangdong, effectively integrate government, banks, venture capital institutions, investment banks, small and medium enterprises, intermediary services and other resources, the establishment of a strong Financing and guarantee service platform, and gradually involved in the auction industry, pawn industry, financial leasing industry, venture capital, financial industry, credit management and other business areas, open and maintain the guarantee business chain, also use the combination of guarantee and investment, project operation and capital A combination of operations and a new model of profitability in science, stability and sustainable development.

Company Address: Zhongwei Building, No. 113, Guantai Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City
Company phone: 0769-22889909
Zhongjing·Financial Innovation Center
Zhongjing·Financial Innovation Center is a cooperation project between Shenzhen Zhongjing Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Special Information Group, which is owned by Guangdong Zhongtian Group. It is located in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park Special Information Technology Building, adjacent to Beihuan Road. great accessibility.

Shenzhen Zhongjing·Financial Innovation Center implements the “financial +” model, using financial as a means to effectively integrate resources from banks, venture capital institutions, investment banks, etc., and parallel the resources of the 13th Industrial Park of Zhongtian, providing a platform for the stationed enterprises. Professional customized services to promote the development of enterprises.
With the investment and space innovation investment philosophy as its purpose,
Provide one-stop capital market solutions for invested companies.
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